Thanksgiving Memories

We had an exceptional Thanksgiving weekend with family and friends.  I had some apprehension for a couple of weeks leading up to Thanksgiving because of it being the first one without my dad.  There were many conversations with God, asking Him to give us strength as a family this holiday season.  Not only did God answer our prayers, but He blessed us with a beautiful day of making new memories and honoring those that couldn’t be with us on that day.  It may sound strange, but I felt my dad’s presence with us throughout all of Thanksgiving Day.  I know he would be happy that we enjoyed much needed quality time with sweet family that day, laughing and playing games, watching football and eating until we couldn’t possibly take another bite.  Family came in from out of town and everyone pitched in to make the day happy and memorable.

My sister and beautiful niece helped set and decorate the table the day before, using pumpkins, candles and fresh greenery from my backyard for one table and assorted beans, moss, pinecones and candle for the second table.  I found the cutest little metal turkey candle holders at a local boutique called Dodson’s while we were out shopping the day before Thanksgiving.  The best part was that they were on clearance so I was able to get several and add them to our table decor.

The tables were set, the turkey was fried, ham was sliced, all the sides prepared and it was time to finally eat.  The refreshing white grape and elderflower sparkling cider from World Market was a huge hit with all the kids, as well as the adults.  Baba’s (Grandma Higgins) chocolate pecan pies didn’t last long and her sausage and apple stuffing was a definite crowd favorite.  Grandma Tingwald’s sweet potato fluff and apple pie were delicious as well.

Watching the cousins connect through playing games, ukulele strumming and ping pong playing was probably a highlight for me, I know it would have made my dad smile and laugh to see them all together having fun.  As they grow older, it’s so wonderful to watch them all still be able to hang out and spend time with each other, enjoying many different activities together from the oldest to the youngest.

On Friday, we loaded everyone up for some gaming time at Game On Gaming Center in Virginia Beach, VA.  I know for my nephews, it was the highlight of their Thanksgiving weekend.  It’s a fantastic place to take a crowd of all ages, some of us girls even played “Just Dance” while the boys indulged in their Fort Nite obsessions.


Overall, our Thanksgiving weekend was a success and I loved every minute of it!

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5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Memories”

  1. It’s a heart touching post. May your dad’s soul rest in peace. I can feel for you as I have lost my dad and I know what you talking about… but I am glad you had a great Thanksgiving day. Stay blessed!

  2. I loved our Thanksgiving too! Just being together enjoying one another was such a blessing. And yes, I know your Dad would have loved it too. The best gift we can give is the gift of our time and love. Thanks to everyone who cooked, played games with us and were a part of our holiday!!

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