My 7 Favorite things about FALL!

Today is November 1st and we are right in the middle of the beautiful fall season.  I love the summer but there is something so special about the crisp and fresh feeling of fall.  It’s such a welcome relief after a long hot summer. The holidays are just around the corner, football is king in our home and the house smells like coffee and pumpkin bread.  All things cozy and warm are on the agenda this time of year from comfy plaid flannel shirts to fuzzy blankets and spicy hot cider.  I decided to put together a list of 7 of my favorite things so far this year that I have in my home or have experienced with my family this fall.  They are in no particular order…

Unknown-1Silk Pumpkin Spice Almond Creamer – I found this creamer at the grocery store a couple of weeks ago and thought I would try it.  I didn’t really have high expectations, but I was pleasantly surprised.  It is delicious.  I try to stick to a mostly dairy free diet and struggle to find good dairy alternatives, but this pumpkin spice creamer was a great find! You can find out more about their products at

Starbucks Holiday Blend Coffee – While on the subject of coffee creamer, I love the taste of Starbucks holiday blend especially when paired with the pumpkin spice creamer.  IMG_2986It’s not necessarily a fall product, but it comes out in stores around October.  I start buying it as soon as I see it.  From now until about the beginning of January it will be on your favorite grocery store shelves…so stock up!


IMG_2981Apple Fancy Richly Scented Candle – This candle is from a company called Haven Street Candle Co. and it smells fabulous.  There’s nothing better than the smell of fresh apples, it has a clean scent that doesn’t overpower the room.  I’ve been saving it so I could use it during the fall season, but this candle could certainly be used year around.

IMG_2983Fall Accent Pillows – I think I actually have a problem.  I am drawn to accent pillows, I can’t have enough of them.  I have a handful of pillow inserts and I usually try to buy pillow covers on and change them out seasonally, that way it’s much less expensive…BUT I found this cute little “pumpkin spice and everything nice” pillow at Burlington Coat Factory and had to have it!  They had a lot of really nice fall accent pieces in their store that was priced very reasonably.  I’m sure you can find something fun at

IMG_2730Lilley Farms Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch – We moved last year to a new home and lucky for me there’s a sweet little pumpkin patch and corn maze just down the street.  We can walk, ride our bikes or drive down and enjoy the farmer’s market.  They have fresh local honey, cider, a vast variety of pumpkins and squash as well as a challenging corn maze and hayride (and much more) to enjoy with the kids.  It’s such a fun place to have right in our little area! If you live in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, make sure to visit.

IMG_2984 Pumpkin Butter – We love visiting Morris Farmer’s Market in N.C. throughout the summer as we head down to the Outer Banks.  One of my favorite finds while shopping there over the years is their pumpkin butter, the apple butter is wonderful too.  It is so yummy on a fresh hot buttery bisquit with a piping cup of hot coffee for breakfast.  I love having this on hand for out of town guests to serve with bagels or your favorite breakfast pastry.  Check their website out at

IMG_2619Pumpkins! I love decorating my house with fresh pumpkins from October through Thanksgiving.  The festive pops of color throughout the house set the mood just right from Halloween through Thanksgiving.  There are so many color and size options, they are inexpensive and easy to decorate with throughout the fall.  They welcome guests on my front porch and I add them to my back deck flower planters as well.   Clean up is a snap… they are perfect for composting.  We used to have chickens and they loved the left over pumpkins after Thanksgiving!

There you have it, my 7 favorite things so far this fall!!! Try some of them out and let me know what you think!












Fun with Fall Decor

Fall has become easily one of my favorite seasons to decorate my home.  Using cues from the natural elements of this time of year is my number one priority when decorating my home.  The warm colors of autumn are so inviting, it’s a great time to take advantage of the beautiful shades of oranges, golds and browns.  I can hardly pass by a pumpkin patch without stopping to take a leisurely stroll, inspecting the alluring bounty of it’s perfectly plump gourds. “Autumn is the season to find contentment at home by paying attention to what we already have.” – unknown In the spirit of being content and using what nature has blessed us with and what I already have, I put together some simple fall arrangements as well as using the colors of autumn to dictate my accessories in each room.  Here are a couple of examples of what I did…

Look around your yard

Last year my hydrangea was absolutely going crazy into the early part of fall.  I was able to pick some of it’s last beautiful bounty and incorporate it with some other fall finds.  The pumpkins were purchased from a local farmer’s market but I never find myself in need of pine cones.  We have a gigantic loblolly pine that is not my preferred species of tree but it provides us with free pine straw and endless pinecones, I am thankful for that!
Ater collecting my backyard treasures, I dusted off an old wooden bowl I had stored away and placed it all together for a welcoming display in the front room of our home.  I found an old burlap table runner I wasn’t using and cut it down to fit on my coffee table. Last fall I painted an old pine coffee table that we bought when we were first married, many, many, many years ago… I used good ole’ chalk paint and did some quick distressing.  I was very impressed at how much I liked the finished product.  


For my fireplace mantle, I just cut some overgrowth from my Heavenly Bamboo Nandina bush that had started to turn gorgeous dark greens, browns and reds at some of the tips. I flanked the distressed picture frame with the clippings.  I then placed pinecones and a few berries throughout the foliage.  There is no right or wrong way to do it, I just placed the leaves, pinecones and berries to make a festive mantle that took me all the way through Thanksgiving.  And it was FREE!  It’s so fun and easy, just take a little nature walk and collect some of the following things your may find in your yard.
  • Pinecones
  • Berries
  • Pines straw
  • Dried flowers
  • Limbs and twigs
  • Any kind of greenery
  • Produce from your late summer or early fall garden
  • Leaves
  • Nuts
Don’t be afraid to just plop these natural elements in a repurposed jar, with a candle or as a simple centerpiece.  Part of the fun is going through old containers, vases and jars I have stored away to repurpose.  It’s a great way to be creative and an activity to do with little ones that will get you outside on a nature adventure!!!