Create, Home Decor

Three easy steps to create a beautiful gallery wall

1. Choose an odd number of pictures that have a similar theme. I chose to make it an all black and white gallery. You could use color pictures but frame them in white or use vintage pictures and small antique plaques, etc. There are limitless options, just decide a theme to make them work together in the collage.

2. Arrange them on the floor first to figure out the best configuration and record the measurements you used to space the frames. I used a tape measure and an old drapery rod to mimic the molding of the wall going up the stairwell. Try several different patterns and take pictures. Choose your favorite.

3. Using your measurements, hang your pictures! You may want to use painters tape or trace your frames on craft paper first to create a template on the wall to mimic your layout – just to make sure you have the right height and configuration. Enjoy your beautiful creation!

Create, Home Decor

To Stage or Not to Stage…That is the Question

I say STAGE! We recently sold our home and I decided to stage the rooms myself and take the pictures for the listing. Let me just start off by telling you that I’m not a professional, I’m just a girl that will walk into any room in any home or building and start re arranging and organizing it in my mind. It’s a burden I must bear…however, it did come in handy when preparing our home for the market. Cleaning, de cluttering and optimal furniture placement really does go a long way.  We had an offer within the first week of our home being listed by the first people to look at it.  Here’s what I know:

Home Staging is a budget friendly way to effectively market your home. The right furniture placement will maximize the size and scope of each room in your home and enhance your home’s best features. Most importantly, the right staging will allow perspective buyers to see themselves in the home.

Use what you have!  Enhance your home by reorganizing, and oftentimes repurposing furniture and accessories you already have. By simply rearranging existing furniture and creating welcoming vignettes, your home will be transformed into a beautiful showroom.

Benefits to Home Staging
Every room in your home will have definition and purpose.
Staging a home will make the rooms appear larger.
A well staged home provides a wonderful first impression for prospective buyers.
Studies show that staging will expedite the sale of your home.
Home staging is an inexpensive way to get big returns on the sale of your home.